SmartConnect is a secure IoT device.  (WiFi, 4G, NB-IoT, BLE) Included is a ARM multi-core CPU and eMMC Flash Memory. SmartConnect is RS232 – UART, USB, Serial, IEBus and the Vending Control Can System (VCCS) capable. 

Auto-onboarding to the network using hardware authentication makes SmartConnect a secure plug and play device that is quick and easy to deploy and highly scalable. 500MB and 10 years of cellular data is included with each device.

SmartConnect can remotely control many types of devices, vending machines, washing machines, solar farms, industrial controls, etc. Inventory, sensor data and other data can be tracked in real time and alerts generated and the devices can be remotely controlled.

Machine learning is a feature of SmartConnect devices. New or updated learning algorithms can be updated remotely from the cloud. SmartConnect can perform tasks like people detection with an add-on camera or traffic analysis or do preventive maintenance analysis or optimize electrical usage.

SmartConnect is supported by our Edge Server, APEX. Simple fleet management for any size deployment. Remote control many devices at the same time. Make price changes based on time of day or geographic location.