Vending Machine Control System

VCCS is used to talk to a large portion of existing vending machines. SmartConnect can read and write VCCS commands and data in order to remotely control and monitor vending machines. 

SmartConnect can remotely control many types of vending machines from many manufacturers. Inventory and other data can be tracked in real time and alerts generated and devices can be remotely controlled.

Some of the information that is can be retrieved or set with SmartConnect is shown here

  • Sales Totals
  • Detail Sales Information
  • Inventory Information and Capacity
  • Price Settings, Card Discount Settings
  • Error Information, Temperature Settings
  • A/C controls
  • Column Button Mappings
  • Timer Settings
  • Sale Prohibitions
  • Transactional Sales Information

Connected sensor data streams can be retrieved simply by subscribing to a data topic from the cloud. Simply subscribe to the data points you are interested in.