CloudPC is a bespoke private cloud that we can build for your company environment and make your situations more convenient.

CloudPC is a private cloud that customizes you according to your current IT needs, and you can access virtual computers securely remotely from anywhere in the world.
Cyberattacks, which have been increasing in recent years, destroy systems, steal data, and tamper with terminals in both office servers and personal computers. Our CloudPC has the same security standards as the US military and is capable of responding to said attacks. In the real-time map of the kaspersky cyber thread, you can see that Japan is also under considerable attacks even at this moment.

We deliver consistently high performance, safety, and user experience from anywhere.
Leave the troublesome maintenance and management to us.

Save your money and resourses. Scalable from one user.
*Depending on the number of users, the initial setting fee may be charged separately.


How it works

In the price simulation, based on your company’s IT environment and your wishes, we can provide you with a rough quote.

The simulator will require you to input the number of users, locations, storage size, and which software you would like

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SmartConnect is a secure IoT device that communicates through many channels. It has an ARM multi-core processor and flash memory.
SmartConnect a secure plug and play device that is quick and easy to deploy and highly scalable.
Our SmartConnect can read and write VCCS commands and therefore remotely control and monitor vending machines. (Vending Control Can System). We can set pricing, temperature, get error codes, get eh inventory etc.

Save your money and resourses. Scalable from one user.
VCCS is used to interface to most existing vending machines.

Machine learning is a feature of SmartConnect devices. New or updated learning algorithms can be updated remotely from the cloud. SmartConnect can perform tasks like people detection with an add-on camera, traffic analysis, preventive maintenance analysis and optimization of electrical usage.

SDGs mission

APEX Edge Server  

SmartConnect is supported by our Edge Server, APEX which is simple fleet management for any size deployment. Remote control many devices at the same time. Make price changes based on time of day or geographic location.

APEX is built on high performance network server technology. Many tens of thousands of SmartConnect devices can be connected at the same time.

Connected sensor data streams can be retrieved by subscribing to a data topic from the cloud. Simply subscribe to the data points you are interested in.

The SmartConnect platform is a secure highly scalable loT system. It can read or write many types of data and supported by the APEX Edge server it can control hundreds of thousands of devices in a deployment. This architecture makes for easy access to large amounts of data and the ability to leverage that data at the edge