CloudPC -Cases-

Foreign Accounting Firm in Japan


Application Hosted in Okinawa, files in Tokyo

  • High latency leads to long work cycle time, low-performing applications
  • Team reliant on a single workplace with applications in Okinawa


  • Work cycle time down 70% for the same task, enabling other staff to focus on new tasks
  • Teams can work from anywhere (Okinawa, also offshore staff in China)
  • Data and applications are always in Tokyo, with full redundancy

European Securities Firm in Switzerland


  • Multinational securities firm backed by several European banks with employees in several countries with personal devices on duty
  • Needed high performance and high security from anywhere


  • All IT (data, services, etc.) is 100% based in a private cloud, infrastructure in Switzerland and compliant with Swiss data protection law.

In addition, our highly secure services can be used at facilities without IT specialists, such as nursing homes for the elderly, medical institutions (including privately run clinics), and educational institutions.


SmartConnect -Cases-

Digital optimization management system for construction site – work and resources

  • Collect information on clients and on-site workers with custom-made devices and manage them in the cloud

Save your money and resourses. Scalable from one user.

Enviromental Monitoring

  • Radiation Monitoring
  • Solar farm PV Monitoring
  • Rice field Water Level Monitoring

Drone Control Systems

  • Navigation
  • Camera
  • Logging Data and Analysis

High Frequency Trading Platform

  • Hardware Monitoring and Preventive maintenance
  • Monitoring Sound, Power Consumption, Temperature, Humidity.. etc and Its Analysis
  • Earthquake Detection

Vending Machines

  • By Retrofitting any existing vending machine, we are able to give old machines full IoT connectivity and a new life!
  • 5G compatible; hardware encryption for all communications
  • Installed by driver, connects to network within 5 minutes

SmartConnect (Hardware and Software) allows operational optimization remotely(real-time inventory, dynamic pricing, route optimization, etc.)

The technology can also be used by local governments to monitor the privacy and protect the residents as well as by sports teams to monitor performance and implement strategies to improve.